I am heading into my busiest week of the next couple of months and needed a reminder to live and love!

Upload from May 13, 2012

M & B | Chicago Wedding Photographer

There are no perfect words for their wedding. I will allow the pictures to speak for the words I cannot find to write.

Guilty Pleasures | Brothers & Sisters

When my friend told me about this series, I didn’t know this show would suck me as in as much as it has. The first time, I watched seasons 1-4 in about a week. 

Family drama runs incredibly high. They all gossip and cannot keep each others secrets for anything. But, there are so many family secrets that come out episode by episode. You never what is going to happen next. I’ve watched nearly the entire first season this weekend and I’m reminded again of why I LOVE it so much!

M & B | A Glimpse

A glimpse of what’s on deck…a gorgeous wedding with perfect November weather! :)

Setting Goals | Chicago Wedding Photographer

No one ever said that setting goals would be easy. Hence the reason I’ve never really been a goal setter. Last month, Emilia encouraged me to sit down and set goals. Because I needed to have concrete ideas of what I want out of my business and out of life. Once the ideas started flowing, they almost did not stop. 

My business goals:

*Second shoot a wedding for Justin and Mary

*Give away wedding services to someone who deserves it

*Become an APW vendor

*Hand out 250 of my gorgeous new business cards in 2 weeks (this means I can’t be afraid to approach people:))

*Establish a workflow and turnaround time

My person goals:

*Read more. To learn things, to get lost, for inspiration, to keep my mind fresh

*Step out of my comfort zone more

*Quit being so distracted by the Internet, TV and my iPhone

*Get outside more often

What are some of your goals, business or personal?