Making a Difference & a Challenge

I have a confession to make. One of my biggest dreams is to make a difference in just one person’s life. Just one! And even in the smallest way possible without ever knowing it is ok with me. You know what that takes though? Getting out and meeting people and listening to people and just being a good person with a huge heart. I think I’m very good at the last 2 things I listed. I’m not so good, however, at getting out and meeting people. Turns out that it’s quite a process to go from a shy, agreeable college graduate to an adult who accepts herself as is and who voices loudly what she believes in. It also turns out that you will lose people from your life in the process and people won’t accept you for the person you are. And it takes a ridiculous amount of time to realize that this is OK and stop trying to please everyone.

I’ve been in a really sad phase the past couple of months. Loneliness and confusion is ever present. People know about it because I’m not shy in broadcasting it. And I don’t think anyone should ever be shy about their feelings, ever. Because when you least expect it, one person (usually someone random) will send you a message with a quote or an “I’m thinking about you.” Those messages HAVE the POWER to change your entire week. So here’s my challenge:

Send a message to 5 people who’ve been on your mind. Even if it has been several years since you’ve spoken to that person. Because you don’t know what someone is going through and you just might be that person who makes a difference.

Let me know how this goes. Comment here, email me, text me.


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