My Birthday Month Contest

As you may or may not be aware, I spent my last birthday in Europe…alone. And it was refreshing, liberating, exhiliarating. Unfortunately I won’t be able to top that for this year’s birthday! :(

So to help alleviate the pain that I will not be Europe, I’m going to have a contest! I am looking for a couple who would love to have pictures but would never pay for it themselves or who can’t afford to have professional photos done. Here are the rules:

1) Nominate them by telling me why they deserve a free photo shoot. HINT: I love stories that make my cry!! Send the nomination email to

2) Send me a picture and their contact information! AND, don’t tell them they were nominated. Let me surprise them!

3) You CANNOT nominate yourself.

4) Entries must be in by March 15 in order to qualify. The top 3 stories will be posted on my blog for people to vote on. The winner will be announced on March 20 (my birthday!)

Simple right?! GO! Start nominating! 

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