An Important Reminder

As a wedding photographer, I hardly get the chance to attend weddings as a guest, let alone be asked to stand up in a wedding. About two months ago, I got the pleasure of standing up with my best friend and turning off my photography brain for a day. Naturally, I was worried about what kind of pictures would come from the wedding even though they hired a great photographer! Because certain photos were so important to me as a bridesmaid, like a photo of just me and my best friend! 

Two weeks ago, I went back to work shooting a wedding and suddenly, what I shot became so much more important…even though I was the second shooter. It became so much more important for me to get the best pictures of people interacting, people laughing, people having a great time and people coming together as a community to celebrate a new family being formed. Knowing what pictures people ALWAYS want, that is such a important lesson for me. 

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